For3xScalper Setups Service

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Subscription Models Details

What it Includes:

1) Get For3xScalper’s Trading setups/zones on weekly basis.

The service provides the “setups/trading zones” of For3xScalper on a weekly basis. This implies that you will receive charts with specific trading zones where you can look for your entries.

2) Updates on daily basis, if any.

In addition to the weekly setups, you will also receive daily updates, if there is any. This means that you will be kept informed of any important changes including updates on shared setups or new potential setups throughout the week.

3) 1 pair Analysis per week on request.

4) Includes Trades Signal for USDCAD & Gold with around 80% win rate.

The service includes an analysis of one currency pair per week upon request. This means that you can choose a particular currency pair and receive a detailed analysis about its potential moves during the week.

Special Offer – With Minimum 3 months subscription, you will get a session with my entry rules in the zones shared.

Monthly Subscription

$2 000 Mxn

Quarterly Subscription

$5 500 Mxn

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